Nursery Commodities
by SmartAngel

SmartAngel serves little angels with safe products including outdoor and indoor goods, toys, hygienics, rain goods, etc. at affordable prices.

Baby Diapers

Baby Diapers ・Soft and breathable materials for baby's delicate skin.
・Wetness indicator notifies the timing to change.
・Leak-proof gather prevents leakage and ensures long hour usage.

Baby Wipes

Baby Wipes ・Soft, non-woven rayon for baby's tender skin
・No alcohol, propylene glycol and paraben
・Contains moisturizing agents (Rubus extract, Tea leaf extract)
・Made in Japan

Toothbrush with 360° bristles

Toothbrush with 360° bristles ・Soft 360-degree bristles for short brushing time
・Many bristles scrape away plaque.
・Fine bristles gently touch gums
・Curve of the brush fits even in hard-to-brush areas.
・Safe for chemical sterilization

Foam-Type Body Soap

Foam-Type Body Soap ・2-in-1 shampoo and body wash
・Moisturizing, and weakly acidic formula cleanses baby's delicate skin while keeping them nourished and hydrated

Baby Bottle

Baby Bottle ・Made of light and durable plastic
・Economic price keeps family expenses under control
・Safe for microwave, chemical or boiling sterilization
・250mL bottle lasts as babies grow
・Round-cut nipple for newborns

Baby Buggy

Baby Buggy ・Award-winning design featuring anti-pinching structure
・Comfortable seat caters to babies up to 36 months old
・Large hood to block harmful UV ray
・Bigger wheels ensure safer and stable rides

Antibacterial Training Potty

Antibacterial Training Potty ・Usable as potty seat atop an adult toilet and step stool
・Treated with antibacterial agent
・Removable bowl for easy cleaning
・Comes with cute potty seat padding

Balance Bike

Balance Bike ・Help kids learn how to ride bikes
・For 3-years-old kids and up
・Equipped with a brake
・Back wheel to prevent clothes from getting caught in it

Rain Goods

Rain Goods ・Wide product variety covers rain coat, rain boots, umbrella featuring colorful designs to amuse kids even on a rainy day
・Reflective features to enhance visibility on dark rainy days


ELFINDOLL promotes apparel and bedding for new born babies, infants, children, and mothers featuring simplicity in fashion, function and comfort.

Stretch Pants

Stretch Pants Made of durable and elastic fabric that is non-restrictive so children can move about easily as they play around all day.

Maternity Wear

Maternity Wear Functional maternity clothes for mothers during pregnancy and postpartum period with nursing access to facilitate breastfeeding.

Functional Undergarments

Functional Undergarments DRYWRAP® absorbs perspiration and dries up quickly on hot summer days. HOTWRAP® takes up moisture from body and generates heat to warm up children on cold winter days.
*100% cotton HOTWRAP® also available.

Baby Bedding

Baby Bedding Wide variety of goods range from baby cribs, baby bedding set that caters to all seasons, to waterproof changing liners.


Accessories Baby & kids fashion accessories, including socks, shoes, hats, etc.


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